written for The House Blog by Rachel Peterson, Founder of Rachel Peterson Social


Personal development, professional development, business development...any real change requires real time.

Building new habits takes real time. And that doesn’t look like an 8-hour workshop or a quick online webinar. Don’t get me wrong, these are valuable things and I attend many of these events. But I think of those as supplemental to the months and years of work I’ve done to develop my business, brand, and myself. 


I think we have this idea that, just like a lot of things in current life, we should be able to achieve goals, make a business plan, or discover what truly makes our soul sing in a matter of hours or weeks. And while that may be great for quick fixes or a juice cleanse, that’s not the formula that leads to real, meaningful, and lasting habits.


To make something stick, we need to not only uncover the How, but also the Why. And the why questions are where we dig deep and do the hard work. Why are you scared to launch into solo entrepreneurship? Why do you feel stuck in your relationships? Why are you scared of failing?


Yeah, those are scary questions. And they can’t be answered with a surface level course. 


It’s also hard to go down this road alone. Without accountability, it’s easy to not be completely honest with ourselves or skip the hard work and just do the easy parts of trying to make change or build habits. But that lands us in the same spot: confused, wanting more, and frustrated at that ever-growing feeling of being stuck. 


I know this feeling because I’ve been there. I didn’t want to fully invest. I didn’t want to make time. I wanted it to be easy. I wanted it to be quick. Think of it like getting a new hairstyle after a break up. You walk out of the salon with your power hair and you’re committed to being a better, refreshed version of yourself. But a few days in and a few bottles of wine later, you’re back on the couch watching You’ve Got Mail in his old sweatshirt and unwashed flannel pants. That surface level change was a quick hit of inspiration and motivation, but it wore off after the first wash.


Now that I’ve torn apart the traditional development model, what’s next?? I’m not going to leave you hanging! But the answer is simple…


Development is about investment. It’s about going all in. It’s being scared but still diving in head first. And it’s surrounding yourself with people who have the same mindset. So when you are starting to think about your 2020 goals, it’s not enough to just say you are going to do them. It’s not even enough to spell them out through SMART goals. It takes time, commitment, and digging through all the built up gunk in your life to truly accomplish what you want. 


Before you go on a Google search rabbit hole for the longest and most expensive development course you can find, I do have one quick tip for you…

It’s called The Academy. And it’s everything that traditional development isn’t. It’s a 4 month investment of your time, energy, and focus. It’s a 10-person mastermind group led by some of the most knowledgeable females in the state. And it’s waiting for you to take the call. I can’t tell you when it’s right to take a leap and dive in. I can’t force you to make an investment in your personal and professional development. But I can tell you this: some of the best opportunities come your way when you take a risk. Big things happen when you stop questioning and start doing. Maybe 2020 is the year to make big things happen. But first, you have to get out of your own way.

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