March 8th of this year held the title of International Day of Women.

But we’re celebrating all month long, because don’t we deserve more than 24 hours to lift each other up in gratitude for our fierceness?


The theme for for 2020 is #eachforequal. This means that when each of us stands for equality for *all* women, we all succeed. We all gain equality. Standing up for one woman is standing up for all women. Having one woman’s back creates a ripple effect beyond your imagination. 


Here is your reminder that supporting your fellow female does not have to be a big, grandiose gesture. Often times it’s those small moments that mean the most. Tell that woman she is rocking her red lipstick. Smile at that woman who looks like she needs a lift in her spirits. Tell a female leader that she is breaking glass ceilings in style. 


Supporting females also means speaking up (even when it’s uncomfortable AF) when you witness sexism, bigotry, and the double standard that we often forget shouldn’t be the norm. It means challenging your own biases. It means questioning why your female peer was passed up for a raise. It means being an educated consumer and spending your money with businesses who stand with females. 


Supporting females also looks like supporting yourself! Yes, you are a female. And loving yourself, flaws and all, is part of the narrative of International Women’s Day. We can’t pour from an empty cup. We can’t preach to love each other when we don’t love ourselves. So maybe your support is for yourself. It’s OK to be selfish in this pursuit. Maybe this month is about rewriting the narrative in your head. It’s about turning your self talk into something that builds you up. 


And let’s not forget about those tiny humans who are watching us. Those young girls who see the power of women rising up. Those girls who are counting on us to continue paving the way for them. Let’s not forget that how we talk about ourselves and one another influences how the next generation thinks and behaves. Remember that you hold this power and influence. Remember that this is a gift.


The Dostal House will always be a place for every female to gather in all their humanness. We will always be a place to support one another. We will always be a place of community and collaboration. And we will always fight for equality. In our eyes, every day is the day for women.

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