We all have that one woman in our life that we look at & think, "How does she do it? How is she so dang successful?" Whether success means running her own business, ruling the corporate world from her corner office, slaying the role of SuperMom, the best wife ever & volunteer-extraordinaire... there are certain habits that we can guarantee these successful women all have in common.


She sets up her week for success.

Get organized. 

If it's not scheduled, it's not important. A successful woman knows that time is a commodity, & if it's something that needs to happen she will make time for it. By scheduling it into her calendar, she can guarantee that it will not fall through the cracks. Spending a few minutes on a Sunday night to plan out her week & prepare for what is to come is key to getting the week started on the right foot.

Digital Organizers.

Google Calendar.

Organize your calendar & be sure to sync it with all of your devices: laptop, desktop, phone & tablet.


A great online tool to implement if you find yourself struggling to balance taking meetings & getting the work done. Calendly makes scheduling appointments & meetings super easy. Set up your availability preferences, share your link, the recipient picks a time that works, & an event is added to your calendar.


Paper Planners.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If technology isn't your strong suit, or you just prefer to put a pen to paper, stick with what works for you. There is something satisfying about being about to cross meetings off when completed


Take Notes.

Having a single notebook handy at all times for to-do lists, random creative ideas, meeting notes & brain dump sessions will prove beneficial in helping to keep you organized & on task, by giving you something to refer back to when the time is appropriate.



She invests in herself & her business.

Both personally & professionally. 


Successful women in business know that in order to grow personally and professionally, it takes investing in themselves to do so. Whether it be through trade conferences, self-improvement books, online courses or working with mentors & coaches,  they value themselves enough to break out their wallets and invest in improving their skill set.


Mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually: a successful woman recognizes her need to make sure that she is taking care of number one, so that she can perform at her highest potential in all areas of her life. Healthy eating, a regular fitness regimen, hobbies & having healthy boundaries around work life & home life are just a few ways a successful woman can invest in her personal health.


Here are a few books we recommend:


She surrounds herself with the right people.

Because empowered women empower women. Whether she is a female founder or a corporate climber, a successful woman knows the importance of surrounding herself with people that will encourage & support her to live her best life & help her reach her goals.

Plug into a network of like-minded people. People who will

  • Offer assistance, guidance & advice
  • Offer support, unconditionally
  • Hold you accountable
  • Cheer you on.


She knows how to say "No."

A successful woman knows how to say "no," & also knows that "no" is a complete sentence. Time is a precious commodity, & knowing her priorities, what serves her most in life, & reserving her time for those things is what pushes her to success levels.

They say NO because they KNOW stable success does not come without a healthy mind, body, & soul.


She focuses on her strengths.

A successful woman in business knows what she's good at, & knows that her time is best served doing these things. She understands that she isn't great at everything, but supplements her weaknesses by hiring someone who excels in those areas.


A successful woman knows the answers to these questions:

  • What are you great at? What do you love to do?
  • What are you not good at? What do you hate to do?

& then hires out accordingly in permanent positions, temporary positions, or by utilizing an internship program.

Virtual Assistants.

A virtual assistant is a self-employed administrative or personal assistant who works remotely (usually at home) for various clients. When most people hear "virtual assistant," they assume it's a secretary who works from home.


Have a specific project that you could use a little help on? UpWork helps you to easily find quality freelancers, hire the best freelancers, & allows you to work efficiently, effectively.


There are many benefits to having an internship program, including a fresh perspective, an enhanced social strategy, the ability to retain these interns for entry-level hires, the opportunity to foster mentor relationships & reiterates the importance of strong leaders.




If you are looking for a girl gang to plug into in the Cedar Rapids area, be sure to visit The Dostal House, & check out The Social Calendar, always jam-packed with unique events designed with the successful woman in mind. 


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