CreatHER Collab: Instagram In IC
CreatHER Collabs: Instagram in IC
Pack it up, pack it in, let us begin... to tell you all about the best idea we've had so far...
This month we thought it would be fun to "pack it up, pack it in"... & head south to downtown Iowa City, for a new backdrop to inspire our creative content. #ROADTRIP! We're also making the workshop we're offering you more valuable than ever.
So here's the scoop:
- 30 minute mini-session with Jess Denton, of Monroe+Co. Photo
- 30 minute crash course on how to crack the Instagram code
- 30 minute individual Instagram Audit with Meegan Hofmeister, of SignedM.
< What's an "instagram audit"? We'll take a peek at your profile prior to meeting, & then sit down with you 1-on-1 to discuss where you're killing it, & where you have opportunity to level up... & we'll also show you the ways! >
Jump! Jump! Jump (!) on snagging your spot for this month's collab... because you already know: sessions are limited, & we sell out every 👏🏻 dang 👏🏽 time 👏🏿 !
< also... please tell us you picked up what we were putting down with the House of Pain lyrics. That song will now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You're welcome. >
The Dostal House
Meegan Hofmeister
Jess Denton
Monroe+Co Photo