Monday Meditation, with Fusion Studio

Meditation does for your brain what exercise does for your body. 


Oprah Winfrey claims that it makes her 1000% better. CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien says that it’s life-changing. Jane Fonda said it’s one of her secrets to aging gracefully. Arianna Huffington says it played a huge part in her success. Jennifer Aniston said that it’s changed everything. What are all of these incredibly successful women talking about?



Whether you have the desire to enhance your learning & memory... stop the pesky pessimistic thought loops that creep up in the most inopportune times... create better relationships... reduce stress & anxiety... tap into your creative side... honestly, pick any or all of these great reasons (& more!) to try meditation, & we're here for you!


"But, I literally can't sit still & quiet my mind!" 

"What in the actual heck is 'meditation,' really?!"

"Sounds like a lot of woo to me!"


Completely understand where you're coming from, on all fronts. So we want to challenge your inner skeptic, & check out what the buzz is all about with us.


Tapping local girlboss, meditation guru, & owner of Fusion Studio Marsha Nieland on the shoulder to teach us in a little "Meditation 101," we're getting the girls together to host our own private class & attempt to find our zen-like state. Come with questions... come with concerns... come with an open mind... & come with your gal pals. 


The kids are back in school & you're working on finding a sense of routine again... making this is the perfect time to experiment with the magic that is meditation. We're excited to "om" with you!