DIY Pressed Flower Workshop, with Roots in Bloom

Hey you creative crafty chicks... & all you other cool chicks who really want to be creative & crafty...

Check this out!


Learn how to turn fresh flowers and foliage into everlasting works of art!

a hands-on class where you’ll learn all about the process of flower pressing, while very likely meeting your new bff.


What a cool way to capture & preserve the last remnants of summer, right?! Decorate items such as jewelry, wall art, greeting cards, phone cases, and more!

The beautiful bloom experts from Roots in Bloom are gonna hang at The House & teach us about the best plants to work with, how to prep them for the press, and demonstrate both quick and traditional methods of pressing.

Then... it's your turn to channel your inner artist & get your hands a little dirty! Spend the remainder of the workshop arranging compositions of pre-pressed dried flowers and foliage on surfaces to take home. The fam is gonna be so impressed!

All supplies and equipment will be provided. We definitely suggest bringing in a heavy book... which sounds pretty random, but if you bring one, you'll be able to take home the fresh flowers you set to press. Which is pretty neat, we think. But we're obvi a little biased. ;)