WORK + FLOW. a CreatHer Collabs workshop with special guest, The Agenda.Period
a creative business-building collaborative workshop, with The Agenda. Period
(^ say that 5 times fast!)
Everyone everywhere is talking about goals & resolutions & new habits & big changes & blah blah blah, for this new year new decade. & we're over here like, "yeah I'm gonna do BIG SHIT... but, like, with WHAT TIME I don't yet know!"
But wait. This we know to be true:
"a DREAM written down becomes a GOAL. a GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. a PLAN backed by ACTION becomes REALITY."
So the first step to doing the dang thing is to MAKE A PLAN, right? Which is exactly what we're going to do at January's CreatHer Collabs Workshop!
We've invited a super genius girl boss in to lead us in this one, CreatHers... welcome Alyx Coble-Frakes! We asked her to sum up her expertise in just one sentence, & here's what she had to say: "I help women utilize the power of their period to improve their lives & businesses."
So here's what the heck we're gonna accomplish:
  • a quick crash course on the power of our periods & the magic that can happen when you sync your biz activities with what day of the month you're on... (seriously, this is gonna blow your freaking mind!)
  • build out editorial/content calendars for Q1 of 2020... we're talking making a plan here. For your blog, your Instagram, your Twitter, your Facebook, your YouTube Channel &/or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Content, captions, ideas for imagery, hashtags, backlinks, etc.
  • create custom branded flat lay boards, for you to self shoot stuff that looks gorgeous on your feed!
*PLEASE NOTE: there will not be individual photoshoots at this event. Our signature mini-shoots+workshop events will return soon. Like, in February.

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