It's #NationalWomenOwnedSmallBusinessMonth... 

&, because we really do believe that girls run the world, we've got heart eyes for a few female founders who hang around The Dostal House. 




Meet Martha. How do we even describe this female force?! Welp, she's pretty much flat about awesome... & she's got a personal passion for helping women achieve more, so how 'bout that?! 



What is your business?

Alphapom Digital Marketing + Martha Krejci, The Tribefinder (where I empower women to replace their income by working from home and creating the life of their dreams.)


When & how did you get started?

Well, it's been a long time coming, they would say, but I officially started my business in Feb 2016 when I decided to quit my job and start my own agency so I could more personally impact small businesses bottom lines.


What has surprised you most about owning your own business?

I would say the thing that most surprised me was how much I love to "work"...I was a chronic taker or time off in my corporate gig, but now that I work for myself, I hardly ever take time off...and not like I'm hard on myself or anything, but I just LOVE what I do, so I do it all the time!


What is a glimpse of wisdom you can offer?

I would say my piece of wisdom would be to not listen to people that don't see your dream the way you do.  It's not their fault, but they are limiting you.  If YOU know what your dream is, and YOU are walking the path to it...don't sweat what anyone else says.  They can only speak from their own limitations and it may be true for them, but definitely not true for you.


What makes you, & what you are doing, unique?

My transparency.  The marketing world is saturated with people that KNOW how to do most of the things I do...BUT they hold that knowledge close to the vest.  I make it accessible to anyone and everyone that really wants to know what is working in marketing these days.


If we were having this convo 1 year from now, celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, what will you have achieved?

Well, I just had a reporter from Fast Company reach out to me, so I would have already been featured in that!  I also will have thousands of success stories to share about how women are quitting their jobs and chasing their dreams, even if that's just replacing the income of the job so they can stay home with their families...I value family SO MUCH.  I believe the more quality time we spend with our kids, the more we will see this world shift for the better.


Women you look up to?

Oh man. Oprah. Maya Angelou. Jane Fonda. Forces for Good in female form.


Social Media accounts you love to stalk?

Not gonna lie, I stalk The Dostal House 😊 + Boss Babes


Guilty pleasures?

This is so funny that I'm saying this right now, but it's so guilty pleasure is Real Housewives of LITERALLY ANYWHERE, lol! They're good for background TV!

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