CreateHer Collab: Glowup Goals

Without dreams & goals there is no living, only merely existing. CreatHers: that is not why we're here!


Whether you're creating content for business or for pleasure, it's important to define what your big picture goals are with this stuff. (Otherwise, you're just creating an expensive hobby. & hey, we really like you... but, let's build a business! Whattya say?! We're here to show you the way!)


So what are we up to in this CreatHer Collab September sesh?? Here it is:

- Let's define that BIG dream. Like, where do you want to be in 3 years?

- OK, now... let's define how the heck you're gonna get there. (Because, if you really want this, you're gonna get there!)

- 30 minute mini-shoot with our fave CreatHer photographer...

- 30 minute group shoot with all of your CreatHer friends!


As per usual, this is a *first come, first served* sort of event! Do NOT wait to snag your spot... you know sell out every time!