Stop the Silence Surrounding Domestic Violence, with Shannon Beck

an event benefitting October's #MissionofTheMonth, Waypoint Services,

in honor of #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth


Most women who experience domestic violence become trapped in a cycle in which they have no power and no voice.


There is strength in numbers & here at The House, we believe in supporting women in general... but especially when they have the courage to do difficult things. We celebrate that. Please join The Women of The House as we welcome Shannon Beck to have a seat on the pink couch & surround her with support, as she shares with us her story of surviving domestic violence.


"My name is Shannon Beck, and I will be sharing my story of surviving a domestic violence relationship, as well as the effects that it has had on my family and me. I will also be sharing: the first steps one can take towards healing and how to support friends in a DV relationship. The goal is to truly normalize women who have been through this kind of experience and educate all women regarding what we can do to prevent this cycle for our children. Domestic violence cannot survive if women are empowered and have their voices heard.

Thank you to the Dostal House for the opportunity to empower women and help them live healthier, happier lives."