FREE CoWorking Day

Hey Ladies, we're calling you...

We don't know about you, but... with the political season upon us, we feel like it's becoming even more necessary that women lock arms with one another in ways that we never have before.

We want “spaces where we can come together ... to advance whatever professional goals we have individually, but also to feel that there is an alternative from what we're experiencing in the world. Because it's a crazy place out there & we're not here to talk about what side we're on, but: we really love the comfort, community & strong sense of "home" we've found together here at The Dostal House.

So: grab your laptop, you AirPods, your notebook & favorite pen... whatever tools you need to do your job, & come post up on the pink couch at The House for a (FREE!) day of coworking with like-minded women! ALL women are welcome... & the more, the merrier!

*RSVP is required to reserve desk space! Please email [email protected] to reserve your spot.