It's a Good 'Ol Fashioned Christmas Cookie Swap (Social Club Members Only!)

Is there anything better than cookies & Christmas music?! Ladies, the holidays are here… which means we’re doing an even worse-than-normal job of getting in girlfriend time. So… let’s get together! Everyone knows that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear (at least, everyone who’s watched Elf…) But we learned last year that singing is not our forte. Instead, let’s swap cookies & drink prosec-ho-ho-ho!

Cookie Swap Rules:
- No plain chocolate chip cookies, cookie mixes, or no-bakes
- Please bring 6 dozen total cookies, candies or dessert bars (3 for you… 3 for your friend) to share & we’ll all have lots to take home!
- The theme is “Christmas Cookies”
- Arrange cookies in a basket or platter & be creative! We will display all cookies before our swap.
- Bring a large container to carry away your cookies (tupperware, basket, tin, box)
- Bring copies of your recipes with you to share with those who would like copies.
- Christmas attire is encouraged! ;)
- If you don’t have time to bake, or have burnt your cookies but still want to come, you can go to a bakery & buy 6 dozen of their yummiest cookies.

Special holiday request: snag a girlfriend who’s not a member, & bring her along for a jolly good time! There are lots & lots of new perks coming in 2019 for The Social Club Members, & you get a month free if your girlfriend signs up!

*RSVP’s required by 12/10… so we all know how many cookies to bring.
*for Social Members & 1 guest only