Be-YOU-Ti-Ful DIY Night at The House
Can you still feel it?! The love that’s been in the air all month long?! Yes, Valentine’s Day has come & gone... & even if you think it’s a racket created by the greeting card companies to create a boost in their sales during the longest, coldest, hardest months out of the year... you gotta admit it: all that LOVE is the goods!
If we were to write down a list of The House mantras & truths we believe in, this one would *for sure* teeter near the top of our list:
"Being a woman is often extremely under appreciated.”
followed by:
“Nobody can love me like I love me.”
which leads us to:
“I can’t pour from an empty cup, so I’ma do ME before I do you.”
Self Love is real love, yo. & there ain’t nothing like a confident woman. (We could keep going… but you probably get the point, right?)
This is OUR night. A good ol’ fashioned GNO meant to combine looking good & feeling good. We’re feeding our creative side with another dose of DIY. Check it out:
- Glow Girl Facial Serum (yep, we’re spilling secrets of agelessness…)
- Lashes you can bat an eye at (secrets to growing them lashes long while you sleep…)
- Rose Illuminating Body Oil (adding a little shimmer & shine to allllll the right places!)
- Perfume Roller (heyyyyy, pretty girl! You smell good!)
*$60 admission ticket includes all supplies + drinks
**FREE to The Social Club members