It's #NationalWomenOwnedSmallBusinessMonth... 

&, because we really do believe that girls run the world, we've got all eyes on a few female founders for #WomanCrushWednesday. 




Meet Nikki Hynek, female founder & Chief Creative Director of DOLLUP Beauty. DOLLUP Beauty is a skin wellness company, creating fresh beauty looks with wholesome ingredients, inspiring products, & customizable makeup compacts. 


Tell us all about DOLLUP Beauty... the what, the when, the how & the why you started! 

I started my company, DOLLUP Beauty, on a mission to help women simplify their makeup routines and love using their beauty products.  Opening dozen of compacts and having so many choices of makeup that you don't use can be overwhelming in the morning, and that's why invented my customizable streamlining DOLLUP case.

The idea for my DOLLUP Case invention came in 2014 and I officially launched the DOLLUP Case the beginning of 2015. I had a background in the beauty industry and always knew I wanted to have a product-based beauty business, but there is not really roadmap for inventing and launching products, so I've made things up as I went.  Like other entrepreneurs, you don't have to have all the answers, you just have to be confident and know where to find them.


What has surprised you most about owning your own business? 

The most surprising thing to me is how many times I've had to pivot from my original business plan and make changes in order to make money.  I think you can set a course when you start, but be open to where the business leads you and open to new opportunities.


What is a glimpse of wisdom you can offer? 

There are highs and there are lows.  Take time to celebrate the highs and look back on where you started.  I'm so impressed with myself and my business when I look back at who I was and how far my business has came in since launching.  I recently met a woman struggling to launch her one-product business at a trade show and I was able to offer her encouragement to keep going because I was there once and know how hard it can be, but it also gave me the opportunity to thank God for how far I've come.  There is no doubt there will be lows and they will get you down -even make you want to quit - but you have to hold onto hope and gratitude for everything you've learned.


What makes you, & what you are doing, unique?

The DOLLUP Case of course! First, there aren't a lot of beauty companies coming out of the midwest, especially Iowa, so that makes us really unique and the fact that we get to partner with so many amazing companies locally, from manufacturing to e-commerce marketing.  Finally, our mission to teach people about how to use their makeup while creating a customized beauty experience and kit for them is truly unique to the beauty industry.


If we were having this convo 1 year from now, celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, what will you have achieved? 

International distribution and a million dollar year:)


Women you look up to?

Joanna Gaines ... Sara Blakely ... & Alli Webb. All female founders of incredible companies that started with a passion & a big idea. 


Social Media accounts you love to stalk?

Marissa Cox, Photographer, Writer & Founder of Rue Rodier: Better Living via Style, Beauty, Interiors & Travel (@ruerodier)

Annabel, fashion blogger (@annabelppesant)

Nikki_Makeup, international makeup artist (@nikki_makeup)


Guilty pleasures?

Nutella for breakfast.  Fixer Upper binges.  Nordstrom Rack treasure hunting.  Watching Conor Mcgregor UFC fights.





Want to check out DOLLUP Beauty? Here's everything you need to start your stalking... & shopping!


Facebook: @dollupbeauty

Instagram: @dollupbeautyco


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