Hey, everyone!  My name is Terri. I’ve been a social club member of The Dostal House since October of 2018. I work from home as an Operations Wizard for Author Accelerator. Author Accelerator provides training and support for writers and book coaches.



What is a book coach you ask?


A book coach is part...


editor • project manager • sounding board • teacher • guide • cheerleader


Book coaches fill a much needed role in the publishing world: Guiding writers through the process of writing a quality story that grabs readers from start to finish.  Book coaches might help writers with any (or all) of the following parts of writing a book.


idea generation • structural design • writing • revising • rescuing • pitching • marketing


Author Accelerator is in the business of training and certifying book coaches and creating a professional community for book coaches. We empower coaches to run soulful, sustainable businesses, and connect with each other so that they can better help writers tell their stories and raise their voice.



I have seen the magic of book coaching in action


I am not writing a book nor do I have any desire to write a book. I do love to read...a lot. I especially love to read quality stories that grab me and don’t let me go for months (see my review of The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow as an example).


Every day I get the pleasure of working with some amazing writers who are working their butts off with the assistance of an Author Accelerator-trained book coach. It’s incredible to see how much a writer can flourish when they have a coach by their side.


 "For me, the introduction of accountability and deadlines was important in stopping the massive procrastination. I needed a boss; a kind but knowledgeable boss who could guide me but also dock my pay if I didn't show up for work." - Kristin Nilsen


"For the first time, my book isn't just a dream, it's turning into a reality. Through Author Accelerator my potential as a writer and the full scope of this book are coming to be. Worth every penny. Thank you!" - Samantha Specks


"I am so energized and excited to write the novel I've always wanted to write, the one I always knew I could write." - Alicia Benjamin


This year I’m proud to be a part of the Author Accelerator team as we take things to the next level! We are making a huge commitment to the writing community by putting all of our force into training book coaches to do this good work. It’s our hope that by raising the vibration of book coaches across the writing world, we will give every writer the opportunity to unlock their potential, tell their story, and follow their dream. To that end, we are promoting our Advanced Book Coaching Training and Certification program in a B-I-G way!



It all starts with the FIRST-EVER Business of Book Coaching Summit!


You don’t need a fancy degree to be a book coach. You don’t need to have an agent to be one either. And you definitely don’t need to be a published author. You just need a genuine love of story and helping people achieve their writing dreams. (My boss, Jennie Nash, has a list of 10 qualities that make for an effective book coach, you can watch this cool webinar  she did to hear them all.)


If you are interested in learning more about what a book coach does or becoming a book coach yourself, we are hosting the FIRST-EVER Business of Book Coaching Summit  from January 20 to 24. It’s online and it’s free. (Yes, you can watch the entire Summit in bed in your pajamas.)


Register for the free Summit 


Jennie interviewed 15 experts from the worlds of writing, marketing, and coaching on everything about being coached as a writer, to starting and running and your own business. The knowledge these experts share is astounding. (I edited all the videos so I know what gold is contained within them!) And even if you have no interest in being a book coach or writing a book, you will find some nuggets of knowledge in them that will help you in your own life or business. I know I did.


I’m so excited about the prospect of there being more trained book coaches in the world. More book coaches in the world means more quality stories for me to become immersed in (like You and Me and Us  by Alison Hammer). And perhaps, one day I’ll overcome abibliophobia .



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About Terri M. LeBlanc

Terri M. LeBlanc is a master planner, book warrior and wonder woman. Working in higher education and marketing for over 10 years, Terri successfully planned and launched hundreds of calling and email marketing campaigns to students around the world. As the Operations Wizard at Author Accelerator, Terri “makes the magic happen” by developing the processes that help the company match writers with book coaches and their in-depth writing courses.


You can connect with Terri online at terrimleblanc.com.


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