It's #NationalWomenOwnedSmallBusinessMonth... 

&, because we really do believe that girls run the world, we've got all eyes on a few of our favorite female founders for #WomanCrushWednesday. 




Meet Meegan Hofmeister, female founder & She-EO of The Dostal House & creator & editor of the life + style blog, SignedM.


Tell us all about SignedM. & The Dostal House: the what, the when, the how & the why you started! 


I guess you could say that SignedM., in a really round about way, led to The Dostal House. Yup, that's right. I had just closed my first business, after learning (many!) tough lessons in business ownership the hard way... & I found myself in a dark place, not really knowing what my purpose was. I launched SignedM. as a way to get me out of my funk, so to speak... it was to be a creative outlet & an experiment of sorts as I obsessively learned *all the things* I could about social media & digital marketing. My (sweetheart of a) husband came home one day & kindly pointed out that I hadn't showered, changed out of my pajamas, moved from the couch, or hardly even blinked in 5 days, & that I needed to do something different. Working from home was not only NOT getting me out of my funk, but clearly the lack of socialization was bad for my soul. & this is where The Dostal House comes in: I founded The House to be exactly what I needed at this time of my life. I needed to surround myself with amazing inspiring girlfriends who were dedicated to living their best lives & hustling to make their dreams come true. Turns out, I wasn't alone in needing a place like this... once word got out that The Dostal House was founded with the purpose of empowering women to take up space by advancement through community, well... here we are: happily aspiring to meet that mission on the daily!

What has surprised you most about owning your own business? 

The highs & the lows. They are extreme. The emotional roller coaster... it's one hell of a ride. Every time I feel like I literally don't have a single ounce of anything left to give, I find a new depth to myself & I'm able to come back with just a little bit more. Everyone says they want to be their own boss... but when you actually are, you work harder & longer. It completely consumes you, because it's such a huge part of you. No one else is responsible for it's success or failure, except for YOU... & reaching a point where you can recognize that responsibility to yourself is life-changing. Owning your own business is loving yourself deeply enough to believe that you can do it, & then putting in the hardest, longest, most exhausting but most rewarding efforts to make it happen. 



What is a glimpse of wisdom you can offer? 

There is no such thing as "balance" when you own your own business, so don't waste time & energy trying to find it. Strive for integration, & surround yourself with people who love & respect you for what you are doing. You'll need to lean on them sometimes! Listen to yourself & now yourself well enough to recognize when you need to step away. This doesn't have to mean "forever," but sometimes slowing down will help you speed up. There is a massive amount of value in taking a break! Step away, completely away... allow yourself this... & perspective, new ideas & a resurrgence of energy will almost always follow. 

Also, perfection doesn't exist in this world... so, don't strive for it. If you wait until you have all the answers figured out, you'll never ever jump. Just jump in the water. With great risk comes great reward. There will always be an element of figuring it out as you go. 


What makes you & what you are doing unique?

SignedM. is so incredibly personal. It's me... it's my life... it's what I love, what I hate, what I fear, & what I dream about, my strengths & my weaknesses... it's my marriage, it's my business, it's my inspirations & aspirations. What started as a creative outlet became a space where I felt able to be honest & vulnerable, with the hopes that someone reading might be able to say, "yup! that's me too!" & find comfort in that.

Blogging as a business & influencer marketing is still such a new concept in an industry that is always changing, so I think all of the players in this game are "unique." Honestly, I wake up every day & learn a million new things about how I can optimize this personal creative outlet as a business, & that's why I love it! It challenges me to always keep learning; it moves so fast, I don't have the opportunity to get bored. What makes having a blog unique is that it can be absolutely anything you want it to be. 


As far as The Dostal House goes... well, the time is NOW. Women's rights & gender equality are trending *hot topics*... actually, I don't want to say they are trending. These conversations are long overdue. I think I found myself feeling exactly what a lot of women were feeling, & I put action behind that feeling. We need equality. We will all be better for it. My goal with The Dostal House is to create a space where women find empowerment & encouragement to go out into the world & be their biggest, badest selves. Because there is strength in numbers. Where my girls at?! 



If we were having this convo 1 year from now, celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, what will you have achieved? 

 Growth. Massive growth. For both SignedM. & The Dostal House.

For SignedM. it's all about the numbers: unique visits, time spent on site, number of followers, affiliate revenue earned... it's the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week. 

For The Dostal House it's outgrowing our current home. It's a podcast. It's additional locations. It's companies in the Corridor believing in the power of investing in their women & sponsoring them to fill up their cups at The House. It's being known as a mover & a shaker, as it relates to fighting for equality. 


Women You Look Up To?

Oh geez... there are so many! Oprah. Gwenyth Paltrow. Michelle Obama. Brene Brown. Rachel Hollis. Anna Wintour. My 92-year-old Grandma. I could totally keep going...


Social Media Accounts You Love to Stalk?

Did you know that it takes a committed 10,000 hours to something before you can consider yourself an expert? I am an expert at social media stalking. Accounts I love to stalk... OK, let's go with Instagram:  


@laurabrown99, the editor-in-chief of InStyle magazine (she's hysterical!)
@anhcotran, a shear genius behind the chair (see what I did there?!)

Guilty Pleasures?

 Botox. I love the stuff. (*gasp!*)

The occasional "mental health day," where I stay in bed & binge watch Will & Grace. With wine. 

Online Shopping. (I have "expert status" here, too...)





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