Ready or not, 2019 is HERE... 

& the start of a new year comes with the setting of new goals, reprioritizing our agendas & hitting “start” on all of those pending projects we have in the pipeline. A great way to reinfuse your life with motivation & freshly squeezed creative juices (& doesn't require much of a time commitment because, hey... we'r all busy!) is with TED Talks. 


So whether you are looking for something new to listen to as you drive to & from the office, seeking new topics of conversation for networking events, meetings & dinner parties, or looking to expand your horizons in terms of the way you think & come up with new ideas... 


Here are 10 TED Talks we recommend you adding to your must-listen-to list, ASAP:


  1. Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care: Artist & poet Cleo Wade shares an inspiring poem about having a well-lived life

  2. Here’s Why Motivation Isn’t Enough

  3. How to gain control of your free time: Laura Vanderkam shares some insight on time management, creating priorities & how to create a better & more fulfilling life.

  4. How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

  5. Know your worth, and then ask for it: Pricing consultant Casey Brown shares how to define & communicate your value.

  6. Less stuff, more happiness: Writer & designer Grant Hill makes as case for having less “stuff” & editing your life.

  7. The power of vulnerability: Researcher & storyteller, Brene Brown, shares something profound that changed her perception & ultimately changed the way she lived.

  8. There’s more to life than being happy: Journalist Emily Esfahani Smith talks about the difference between a happy life & a meaningful life.

  9. Your elusive creative genius: ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘ author, Elizabeth Gilbert gives a motivation talk on the concept that we all have “have” a genius.

  10. How to find work you love: Live Your Legend founder, Scott Dinsmore, shares the worst career advice he ever got, how to figure out what matters to you & how to find work you are passionate about.



Is your favorite TED Talk missing from this list? Comment below with it's title, we'd love to hear what resonates with you!



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