Goat Yoga at Cocoa's Ranch

Surely you've heard a think or two about this trending yoga practice... you know the one we're talking about... where you just add goats! Well we're gathering together & getting in a little girl time in the great outdoors. We hope you'll join us!

Here's the gameplan:

- Meet at The Dostal House at 9:30am, where we'll pile in together & caravan to Coco's Ranch!
- The yoga sesh will run from 10:30-11:30, & we'll kick it with our new 4 legged friends for a bit...
- Mimosas & Donuts will be provided!

Non-Member Ticket: $30
Kid's Ticket: $20
Social Member Tickets: FREE!

* mats will be provided by Iowa Goat Yoga
* kiddos are welcome to join!