The older (& wiser, & more fabulous!) we get, it often seems there are less and less opportunities to make new friends.


Being single and/or childless can make finding friends even more daunting… because where do you run into the same people, if not on the playground or double dates?!  Not to fear. Lovelies! While we feel you, 100%: it can be intimidating to meet new people (at any age!), but hope is not lost. We are here to give you five tips on how and where to make new friends at any age! (We’ve got you, Boo!)



  • Check out The Dostal House -  

    If you are a local gal looking for friendship, look no further than The Dostal House. The Dostal House is a place where women can feel at home. A place where they can receive support and guidance, and feel encouraged and empowered to do whatever it is that sets their soul on fire. The Dostal House is the perfect place for any woman looking to meet new friends, regardless of whether they are a stay at home mom or starting their own business. A perfect place for making your new best girlfriend. If you aren’t a local gal, no worries. We’d encourage you to look up women-only co-working spaces in your area and see what you can uncover!


  • Join a workout class -  

    If you already workout but don’t have a routine you are in love with, consider switching it up. Joining a workout class is one of the best ways to meet new people in your area. Whether it’s a spinning class, boxing class, yoga, or a class focused on weight lifting, you are sure to find your sister soulmate. Even if you aren’t a cardio bunny or a huge fan of getting your sweat on, your future bestie might be waiting for you behind those doors. So throw yourself outside of your comfort zone and sign up for that class! Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of your comfort zone.


  • Download "Hey! Vina" -  

    Hey! Vina is the tinder of making friends that are women. Whether you have relocated to a new city and are looking to meet people or a local who simply wants to shift up her friend group, Hey! Vina is the app for you. The app works very similarly to a dating app. You started by filling out a quiz and are provided with matches based on your quiz results, favorite activities, and stage in life (age, location).A photo and information is provided about a woman, including her interests, hobbies, job, and what she is looking for in a friend. If you think you two would be a match made in friend heaven, then you can let them know you would be interested in meeting and have the opportunity to message them.


  • Volunteer -  

    Do you have a deep passion for something? Whether it be animals, children, nature, or reading, there is sure to be a place in your community that could benefit from your volunteerism. Volunteering is not only an excellent way to give back to your community, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to make life-long friends. Plus, you already know that the people you meet whilst volunteering will share your passion for helping others and giving back. A true win win scenario. You and your new BFF will always share a special bond created through giving back together, and the memories you make together are sure to inspire lots of laughs and smiles in the years to come.


  • Take up an intramural sport -  

    Now this suggestion might scare away some of you less than athletically inclined individuals, but hear us out. Even if you sat on the bench every game in high school volleyball or never made it to varsity ranks in tennis, have no fear. Intramurals are for everyone! For every person who is a star athlete, there are probably five others that are mediocre, but that’s OK. Being mediocre at things is a part of life, and lucky for you, intramurals has people of all levels participating. Maybe you’ll meet your best friend laughing over who has the worst backhand or who needs some serious help on their serve. Or maybe you’ll find someone just like you who decides they would rather sit on the sidelines watching others, cocktail in hand.



Alright, Girl: ready, set, go! We encourage you to give our suggestions a shot this summer, & let us know how it goes! Here’s how we feel about it: You only get one life, so you might as well spend it with amazing friends, right?! Which suggestion are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us what other social activities are perfect for making friends, that we need to add to our social calendars!




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