A few weeks ago, there was a viral post circulating around Facebook. It caught our attention because...it was shared A. Lot. The gist: women should no longer sit at tables where they are the topic of conversation when they leave.

As a women’s only space, we get asked the question frequently: “But how do you deal with women tearing each other down and causing drama? How does that work?” Maybe we’ve been lucky. Maybe we attract women who want to champion other women. Or maybe it’s 2019 and we’re in the era of lady power.



You know we’re in the era of women. But so much of this power has been focused on the dynamic of women and men. What about women and women? Mean Girls exists for a reason! Time and time again research shows that both men and women benefit from having networks and power packs. There is enough room at the table for everyone to thrive!


So what if your current tribe isn’t into your vibe? What if you feel like you’re being cut down or talked about? What if there is more drama than a high school locker room? The simple answer: it’s time to find a new tribe. It’s time to find a new table to sit at.


But there’s a flip side to this conversation, and one that requires having a tough conversation with ourselves. What if we’re the one who isn’t championing other women? What if we cut others down because of our own insecurity or fear of competition? Listen ladies, it’s easy to do. It’s easy to get catty or caught up in the negativity. The reality is when we have a mindset of abundance instead of scarcity, good things can come to all. 


In short, it’s on all of us to champion our fellow lady bosses. It’s on us to form networking groups that are inclusive and welcoming. It’s on us to cultivate relationships with others who are ‘competition’ and form a referral network. It’s on us to change the language of how women interact with each other. 


But it’s also on us as individuals to check ourselves. Nix the passive aggressive mindset. Stop the worry about competition. Embrace what we can learn from other women. Challenge ourselves to step outside of groups or environments that aren’t working to champion others.


Ultimately, this is our goal at The Dostal House. To create an environment where everyone can thrive. To lift each other up and support all women in their endeavours. From being a member to attending social events, you won’t find you are the topic of conversation when you leave the room. Rather, we’ll be singing your praises and brainstorming how we can collaborate!

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