Do I promote products and services? Do I make jokes? Do I only talk about the pandemic? Should I even bother? Talking about and promoting your business right now is a tough road. We’ve seen social media engagement rates falling, people are making tough choices about where they spend money, and it all seems unimportant when the sky could fall in at any moment.


...but you’re still a business. And promoting your business can still be done without the feelings of guilt. After all, the big companies running sales probably don’t guilt! (Said as I add more yoga pants to my online shopping cart.)


Authenticity and Gratitude

Don’t try to hide the elephant in the room. Address that a pandemic is happening. Address that you know money is tight and budgets have drastically changed. Know that whatever you’re struggling with, your customer is probably struggling with too. Acknowledge that. Don’t try to act as if it’s business as usual. Follow up on your authenticity with gratitude. A message of gratitude and support from a small business goes a long way. Speak to their hearts, not their pocketbooks. And don’t be afraid to be honest about your struggles as a small business owner.


Trust That People Go with what They Know

Right now we are all experiencing decision fatigue. We’ve had to make SO many decisions about very normal and basic things in life. Do I grocery shop? How do I eat out? How do I connect with my girlfriends? It’s exhausting. And we’re all a little risk averse right now. Re: the sky feels like it could fall in at any second. As consumers, this means we are trusting brands and products that we know. We want an easy decision and we want to feel safe with what we’re buying. So trust that your past and current customers will rely on you to provide them with the goods and services they know and love.


Get to the Point

Our minds are scrolling faster than our fingers can scroll through the ‘gram. Our attention spans are short. And we can’t digest a ton of information. So make it easy on your customers. Make your newsletters, emails, social media posts, etc. short and easy and to the point. This isn’t the time to bury the lede. 


It’s a Give and Take

I recently heard someone talk about how each of us has a candle. And sometimes our flame dies out, and sometimes it burns brightly. When our flame is strong, we should pass some of it on to others who need it. And when our flame is faltering, because we gave to others in the past, they will light our candle. Essentially, the good you put out into the world will come back to you. Do what you can to cross promote and help out other small businesses. Lean on each other. Showcase what local businesses you are patronizing and supporting. Spread the love and know that it will be reciprocated.

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