The Coven Convenes

Are you 100% that witch?

Gather your fellow Sanderson Sisters & cue up Thriller on repeat, because the coven convenes on All Hallow's Eve at The House. 


We'll be brewing up some magic potions, with Brittney McNutt of Simply Savvy Living, 

While binge-watching Hocus Pocus & Practial Magic...

& welcoming the New Moon in Scorpio with a little Halloween Magic. 

We'll meditate via candlelight, with Jessica Feldt...

& read tarot cards with Sara Roberts, the co-creators of Luna Sol.


all while convening with the grandaughters of the witches they couldn't burn

(translation: ladies, this means you... we're just trying to channel our spooky spirits here)

to sip on Witches Brew & Trick-or-Treat!

(costumes *highly* encouraged!)