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Interested in Becoming a Woman of The House? Working side by side with other #LadyBosses every day!

Created out of conviction, The Dostal House was born because women deserve a place to go where they can feel “at home.” A place where they receive support and guidance to go out and chase their dreams; a place where they feel encouraged and empowered to pursue what sets their soul on fire. Because being a woman is often under-appreciated. We need a place to go where our lives are made easier, a space with limited-to-no distractions, so we can just plain get sh!t done! And the best part? You’ll make lifelong, [email protected]@ss friends in the process.

Amazing things happen when women of different passions and fashions, different mindsets and opinions, different ideas and motivations gather together to share their goals and aspirations. It’s pure, unbridled magic. At The Dostal House, you’ll find everything you need and more to check off every item on your To-Do list. Yes, we are strong, empowered women who kick @ss and take names. But we’re also a really damn good time.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers. Pass us a note at: [email protected]