Does anyone else give themselves a serious pat on the back when they turn their morning commute or grocery trip into multi-tasking, brain-boosting experience by listening to a podcast?

We’re big podcast fans at the House. In between episodes of Serial and My Favorite Murder, you’ll find us brushing up on our leadership skills and business building strategies by listening to some of the top leading ladies in the biz. Who doesn’t want some Brené Brown blasting through their earbuds?


The Lively Show

This has been named by numerous sources as the #1 podcast for female entrepreneurs. And for good reason. Jess Lively, the host, grew her small online jewelry business into a multi-million dollar affair. Her podcast covers the whole person, not just the business side of being an entrepreneur. Think of Jess as your life guru/business coach/personal trainer/bff. Her podcast hosts an intimate feel and is uber relatable. Be prepared for serious bursts of motivation.


The Thrive Global Podcast

It’s hosted by Arianna Huffington ...need we say more? Arianna sits down with the elite of the world and pulls out magical conversations about prioritizing well-being over burn out. From Gisele and Jessica Alba to Malcolm Gladwell and Tim Ferriss; Arianna has all of your #bossgoals covered.


Being Boss

I can’t be the only one tired of the fairytale story when it comes to success. Because any entrepreneur knows that it’s far from a Cinderella story, and there are a lot of messy and ugly parts to building a business. The Being Boss podcast is authentic about showing the reality of being a female entrepreneur. It’s not all that our Instagram selfies crack it up to be! 


How I Built This

If you have ever pondered how Stitchfix or Bumble came to fruition, How I Built This has your answer. Host Guy Raz interviews the CEO’s of your favorite companies to talk about, they built it. Like the previous podcast, How I Built This doesn’t weave a pretty tale of companies being built in seconds and having overnight success. 


Call Your Girlfriend

What if you recorded and publicly broadcast your monthly catch up’s with your long-distance BFF? Well, that’s what these two friends did, and it became a sensation. This definitely falls under the ‘entertaining’ category more so than ‘development’ but we need to get a laugh in sometimes! These no-filter conversations move from news to politics to current reading list with plenty of “f***’s” thrown in for good measure!



Do you have a favorite podcast that you tune in to on the regular? Sharing is caring, Friends... drop the title in the comments below!

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