We’re in the home stretch of the year.

Along with all the tinsel and merriment, you’re probably heavy into business planning and goal setting for 2020. Before you dig into what you want to achieve next year, or even next quarter, let me ask you a simple question:


Have you celebrated what you accomplished this year?


I get it, it’s easy to just move on and say bye felicia! to what was either a really great, or really awful year. If you had a banner year, you want to quickly capitalize on that success and keep reaching higher and higher for more profit, a bigger reach, or just more self love. And if 2019 wasn’t your year, why would you want to mentally drain yourself by reviewing each pitfall and cry session? 


In either case, there are so many benefits to dedicating a bit of time to review and reflect on your year. I think any seasoned boss babe will tell you that an integral part of planning your future is not only reflecting on the past, but celebrating your wins, big and small. 


When we celebrate our wins and practice gratitude, we’re literally rewiring our brain. The simple act of gratitude for growing a profit margin or expanding a team from one to two people actually increases our serotonin production (those happy, feel good chemicals). And the more we practice gratitude, the easier it is for our brain to switch from its inherently negative, self protection mode to gracious and happy mode. Even those moments when you think there’s no possible way to put a positive spin on something, you can find gratitude for the lesson you learned. 


And that’s the second benefit of celebrating your 2019. Even if your year was a gradual downhill slide from start to finish, I’m willing to bet there are huge lessons that you learned. And aren’t those lessons something to celebrate? You should celebrate that you were brave and bold enough to get messy and make mistakes. You should celebrate that you are wiser now than you were on January 1, 2019. 


There is nothing too big or too small to have gratitude for from this past year. Don’t belittle your actions or accomplishments. This is your year, and your yardstick. On paper, your accomplishment of paying quarterly taxes on time might not look that sexy. But, did it make you feel great? Does it conjure up a little spark of joy that you crossed that off of your “Legitimate Business Owner Bucket List”? Then celebrate it, girl! 


There’s one final step of celebrating your year. Once you’ve completed your 2019 gratitude practice, it’s time to pass the love on. Find a girl boss and tell her how you’ve seen her grow over the year. Tell her about a meaningful conversation she had with you, or how her actions made an impact. Encourage her to find her wins of 2019 and then pass the love onto another girl boss.


The best way to start 2020 is by lifting each other up!

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