“You should be an S-Corp, not an LLC.”

“You should be turning a profit by now.”

“You shouldn’t hire someone this early on in your business.”

“You should be focusing on profit growth over cultivating a community.”


Welcome to the Land of Should, my friends. 


The Land of Should is a murky place. It’s where well-intentioned peers, friends, and strangers dump all of their advice. It’s where your true North star goes south. It’s where you lose your ‘why.’


The Land of Should isn’t just for business owners. It’s for anyone who is striving to do anything, including just living life. Think about it, how many times do you hear “You should…” On the same token, how many times have you told someone, “You should…”


Most of these should’s are well meaning and some even turn out to be helpful. But it’s difficult to navigate through all the advice, especially when you’re not asking for it. We can fall into this trap of doing things because we saw someone else do it and be successful. If it worked for Kim Kardashian, it must work for us! 


What we don’t often take time to uncover is if these should’s align with our goals and what holds true for us. You know what’s at the heart of your business. It might be profit. Or it might be lifting up women. You know what’s driving your passion. It might be to make six-figures, or it might be to strengthen a community. Neither of these are wrong. They are both extremely valid, but they might not hold true to your passion and drive.


Guard what you are doing and building by staying true to your point of view. If you want to hire a team right off the bat, that is your goal and vision. If you want to focus on a brick and mortar store instead of e-commerce, stick to that goal! It’s when we slide away from our vision that we succumb to altered realities of success. One of the quickest ways to lose your passion and drive is to lose your reasoning and your why. 


If you’re struggling with finding your true north or feel like you’re drowning in the Land of Should, it might be time to go back to your goals. Restate them, rediscover them. We have a free goal setting guide as a welcome gift for joining our newsletter. Working through your goals for your personal and business life is a powerful practice, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Sign up here!


Cheers to you boss babes. Cheers to sticking to your gut, ignoring the should’s and staying true to your goals!

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