Girl Power Lunch Hour: A Survivor's Story with Lindsay Leahy

October is #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth, & we're honored to welcome a favored HouseGuest back to the pink couch to share her personal story as a survivor of domestic assault. 


Welcome HOME, Lindsay Leahy! We thank you for having the courage to share this part of your story. In the spirit of empowered women empowering women, we applaud you!


There is joy on the other side of healing, & the important journey of discovering just how strong you are, as you do the work to overcome suffering caused by abusive relationships. Lindsay Leahy knows this first hand. Having survived abusive relationships with her father & past boyfriends, she understands just how difficult it is fo face painful wounds & heal them with intention. She sought out the lessons she stood to learn in the most painful of memories, & she has had to learn how to forgive those most would want to deem "unforgiveable." Lindsay's experience has shown her that the sooner you are able to courageously & honestly assess your emotions & experiences, the quicker you will be able to find your voice & live your best life... & she wants this for you, too. 


Join us for Girl Power Lunch Hour, as we share in supporting Lindsay in celebrating her surviving Domestic Violence... & expand our supportive circle of women supporting women.



* lunch is included with purchase of ticket.

** all profits from ticket sales will be donated to Waypoint Services.